Bolder, braver and also more inclusive. Adapting digital pedagogy for international students.

By IDEA Project Team

We are excited to announce that the IDEA project has provided the inspiration and survey results for developing the following session, which is part of the 2021 EAIE conference programme.

What is the topic?
The first part will introduce the concept of inclusiveness in digital education. Inclusiveness is defined as ‘the design and delivery of teaching, learning and assessment methods that allow all students to engage meaningfully with the curriculum and achieve their full potential’. The results of a European survey on expectations of students and faculties for inclusive education will be presented to then focus particularly on international students.

The session will then present best practices to ensure inclusiveness that were implemented by faculties during the lockdown and addressed international students in particular. It will present as well, practical tool for teachers to adapt their pedagogy and ensure that it keeps exchange students engaged. They cover all steps of the course preparation, delivery and monitoring of lectures.

Finally, the wrap up will underline how considering inclusiveness contributes to a better educational experience online for exchange students and its crucial importance for the HEIs’ internationalisation strategy.

Who can attend the session?
Join us if you are a programme director or faculty member interested in tools for ensuring and monitoring that the online courses meet the expectations of the national and international students.

If you work with the International Office and would like to ensure that the needs of the exchange
students are taken into account and that they are not disengaged or drop out.

If you work with the quality services and you are interested in inclusiveness and how it impacts
the overall quality of the institution’s online educational offer.

When can you attend the session?
It will be available online and on demand, starting from 28/02 and onwards. For more information for links and registrations please refer to the EAIE website.

The speakers

Prof. Susanne DURST

Head of the TalTech Organization and Management Unit & Research Manager of theTalTech Entrepreneurship and International Business Unit

Jean-Baptiste MAILLARD (Moderator)

Senior manager in the International Projects department at EFMD

Dr. Christophe TERRASSE

Director of the International Projects department at EFMD

Dr. Christophe Terrasse was also one of the main speakers in a special session that took place on Friday 1/10/2021.

The session discussed, “what does it mean to ensure fair and equitable access to international education experiences and high-quality intercultural learning?” and it offered insights into the connections between inclusion and internationalisation and how to foster greater equity and access through policy and practice.

Get in touch with us, if you are interested in hearing more about these sessions and our work in EAIE this year!