Project Objectives

Inclusive Digital Education Access: IDEA, is a 2-year Erasmus+ project (2021-2023) led by EFMD, with the participation of 5 European universities, business schools and one adult education provider.

IDEA offers guidance and tools that promote and facilitate inclusive digital environments in higher education. The project is centred on the concept of inclusiveness which is defined as the provision of education that meets the expectations, needs and constraints of all students. A concept that was largely ignored by the digital education environments before the COVID-19 pandemic, while its contribution to the provision of quality digital education was largely underestimated.


Building on best practices observed during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project develops a system that help faculties improve and monitor the quality and inclusiveness of their teaching and completes it by self-evaluation instruments and pedagogical tools for the faculty. The objective is to adapt pedagogy to increase students’ engagement and provide a more inclusive learning environment.


  • builds awareness around the importance of inclusiveness in digital education
  • develops a quality assurance system that embeds inclusiveness in all phases of the digital pedagogy
  • develops practical tools that guide faculty members through the evolution of their pedagogical practice

IDEA benefits:

  • faculty members
  • programme managers and academic directors
  • HEI senior management
  • managers in charge of the quality assurance/accreditation